Cassadaga, Florida got its start back in 1895 so there’s a long history in the tucked away Florida town. Cassadaga, Florida

Cassadaga got its start back in 1895 when George Colby received the homestead deed to 35 acres in Florida, so there’s a long history in the tucked away Florida town. History has it that Colby was led to the property by a spirit guide named Seneca. He then established the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association, naming it after the town of Cassadaga near Lily Dale, NY. The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp has occupied the area since then and other psychics and readers have moved into the surrounding area.

Is Cassadaga Haunted?
The Cassadaga Hotel is probably the building in the area that’s more reputed to be haunted with guests often reporting unusual happenings. One psychic who works out of the building has reportedly been lectured by the resident spirit. The Spirit Pond, down the road from the hotel, is said to be a spiritual vortex and photos taken in the area will often show orbs. (Of course, these might be caused by the humidity in the Florida atmosphere.) The remains of Colby’s original house can be found along the trails that run through the local park and are a great place to stop and see if any ghosts are hanging around to chat.


While on a ghost hunt in Cassadaga, I took the photo below in the area by the Spirit Pond. Do you see a ghost girl in the picture?


Here’s the same photo taken in daylight a couple of days later. ¬†You can easily spot the elements that created the illusion of the ghost.