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Watching Destination Truth

I love watching television shows dealing with the paranormal. So much so that I think I’m becoming an expert on them. Though these days I suspect that there may be more paranormal shows around that there are unique paranormal events, locations or topics to investigate.  Tonight I’m watching Destination Truth, a show that always perplexes me.The basic idea of Destination Truth is that a group of investigators (with fun personalities) go off to search for monsters or investigates paranormal events in various countries. The team shows up with lots of equipment and night vision cameras and spends a couple day and at least one night searching for the monsters.

I really don’t expect the team to turn up an actual monster, but it’s fun to watch them run around forests picking up heat signatures, strange noises and mysterious movement. These can generally be explained by natural causes – animals live in forests.

But there is one mystery connected with the show that perplexes me more than most — the money. This is a Syfy show, so someone is paying for this team to fly all over the globe with all their equipment and spend time investigating things that probably don’t exist. Not that I object mind you. After all, the show is great research for paranormal stories.

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Kit meets Tony for #sixsunday

Another tidbit from the upcoming book.  The artwork will show Ah-Tabai/Tony dressed for an ancient Mayan ritual and isn’t complete just yet. He doesn’t actually show up on the dig site dressed that way, but I like his spiffy jaguar hat.

Lair of the Jaguar God

Ah-Tabai heard a low growl start in the back of Kit’s throat. He responded with a quick growl of his own. Kit’s eyes widened, and he took a step backward. He teetered on the edge of the hole, but Ah-Tabai grabbed his upper arm and pulled him close. He could feel the warmth of the slender muscles against his chest and smell his salty sweat.

“I should have known you’d show up and disrupt things.” Mitch looked pointedly at Ah-Tabai’s arm around Kit’s waist.

The kitten turned red and pulled away. “I need to clean up.”

Ah-Tabai could have killed Mitch for that alone. He didn’t care if the kitten cleaned up. He wanted to take him as he was, earth-covered and smelling of desire.

“Tony!” Professor Owen’s greeting rang across the camp. “I wondered when you’d turn up.”

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“Lair of the Jaguar God” for Six Sentence Sunday

Our hero Kit is on his way to his first archeological dig. He’s riding in the back of Professor Owen’s Jeep.  Kit would like nothing more than just to be allowed to get lost in some Mayan ruins. (The artwork is a sneak peak at the cover art in progress.)

Lair of the Jaguar God (coming from Liquid Silver Books)

“Kit, I think you’ll like Tony,” Owen shot over his shoulder. “He’ll enjoy having someone new to show around the place. His jungle, as he calls it.”

“Okay.” He hoped that sounded normal. The professor’s comment couldn’t mean anything. He’d been introduced to a few guys he was supposed to “like” during his first year of college, and it had taken him a while to catch on. Just because he hadn’t–with a girl. Or even a guy. Damn it, why couldn’t anything about him ever be normal?

Check out all the authors and writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday.

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My first ghost hunting and EMF experience

Years ago when I was researching one of the Cassadaga novels another writer suggested I take a ghost hunting class from a friend of hers. Now I’m not the type to turn down ghost hunting, so off I went with visions of the Atlanta Paranormal Society dancing in my head.  Alas, that the only place the TAPS folks were going to dance that weekend.

I arrived at the class to find a mix of student mediums and ghost enthusiasts with haunted houses.  Now I like psychics but I already know psychics and spiritualists.  I wanted to see technology. But not to despair, we had one EMF meter for the class.

Which is where my other problem came in. My father worked in electronics for the Navy and then the FAA. I grew up around electrical equipment. Expensive stuff meant to keep planes from falling from the sky.  The EMF reader I was handed was a plastic device that with little lights that went from green to red on it.  I’ve included a picture of a very similar device.  It’ll run you $60 on Amazon and you’re supposed to be able to find ghosts with it.

I was very successful.  Too successful.

Want to know why? Remember I grew up around electronics. A plastic toy with colored lights isn’t a “wow” for me. Now there are more expensive toys on the market and many may work better. (At least as far as electricity is concerned. I have my doubts about the ghosts.)  But the EMF I was using had a button that had to be held down to register anything. If I moved my thumb or wiggled that button, guess what — I detected a ghost.

Okay, the lights changed because I wasn’t keeping constant pressure on the button.  But my fellow ghost hunters didn’t know that.  They’d tap my shoulder or ask me to check out a new location and every time I moved the lights changed.  And everyone around me was sure they were right in sensing a spirit in the area because the EMF confirmed it.

Me? I kept my mouth shut and counted it as research not on ghosts but on those of us who hunt ghosts.