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Oct 1, 2011 - Paranormal, Romance    21 Comments

Tribal answers some questions

Tribal, the Rent Boy from Hell, has been summoned to answer a few questions and accused of showing intiative.  ”Angel in the Middle” is coming October 24th from Liquid Silver Books.


Subverting my guards by making yourself available to them is something I expect from you, but servicing one of my demon hunters was,” the voice paused, “unplanned. I wouldn’t have expected Franco to fall for a demon, considering his job.”
“I’m better looking than Gressil.”
The Master chuckled at that. “And do you think the fallen one will also be able to seduce Franco?”
Tribal snorted. “Darius couldn’t seduce a fire demon on a cold day.”



Sep 17, 2011 - Paranormal, Romance    12 Comments

Darius goes astray

Darius has gone astray and wandered into a rough part of Heaven in “Angel in the Middle” coming soon from Liquid Silver Books.


“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you, Blondie,” one said, moving nearer. He wore his robe hitched up in the cord at his waist so one leg was bare. Darius tore his gaze away before he committed an offense. The angel moved nearer. “Is it true what they say about choir boys? That you can’t sing if you’ve even had an impure thought?”



Sep 10, 2011 - On Writing, Paranormal, Romance    22 Comments

Franco always gets his demon

I’m preparing for the release of the first in the Lucifer’s Boys series — “Angel in the Middle”  So, today, I’d like to introduce to Franco, the big, bad demon hunter. Franco always gets his demon.


The smell of cheap rum in the air hinted at what had tempted this one from Hell –booze, not sex. After all, he’d just thrown away two perfectly acceptable cops, but then, Franco always appreciated a man who supplied his own cuffs.

Opening the back of the Hummer, he studied his options. The alley was too narrow to swing the sword. He considered the crossbow. Nah, for this one–he pulled a half-empty bottle of Maker’s Mark out of the SUV. Well, the job did demand sacrifices.


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Aug 30, 2011 - Paranormal    No Comments

Ghost radar on the ghost hunt

On the last investigation I tried out a Ghost Radar application for my Android phone.  The app includes a feature for words that may or may not be spoken by ghosts in the area.  But we did capture this fun moment. I’d just dropped onto the bed in the teen daughter’s bedroom where we’d been told she’d experienced activity and the Ghost Radar said “blanket.”  Later when I stood up to check something, it said “away.”  Was it a ghost? Don’t know but I plan to play with app at future investigations.

Jul 30, 2011 - Paranormal, Romance    30 Comments

Hot and steamy jungle heat to close out July

This week I’m taking a quick jump back to “Lair of the Jaguar God” available from Liquid Silver Books. This one is a M/M romance with were-jaguars.


Ah-Tabai pulled back, scenting. Blood mingled with Kit’s musk. He looked down through the trees. Below him crouched a golden jaguar with black spots clawing its way out of a pair of jeans and a bloodied T-shirt. When it finished shaking the shirt off its head, the cat looked up at him and yowled. Ah-Tabai responded with a roar of his own.