Sexy Snippets: Rock Demons

Tribal is my favorite demon and the character who holds the Lucifer’s Boys series together.  He’s not the romantic lead, just a rent boy from Hell.  Is this scene, a couple of demons are deciding who Tribal will service first.



The demons clenched their fists into something that looked like a craggy red boulders. They raised them and brought them down to chest level, then swung them up again.

Tribal crossed his arms and waited. Rock demons had trouble counting as high as three, and a game of boulder, parchment, scythe could easily confuse them if they didn’t give it all their focus.  

On about the sixth swing, they managed to stop. Both fists still closed. Rock demons invariably went with boulder.


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  • Lol, he doesn’t think much of them, does he? Welcome to Sexy Snippets :-)

  • Dump demons. LOL. Welcome to sexy snippets.

  • Hee hee! I remember what happens next… Love Tribal!!

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