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Author vs Kittens

Some of the engine kittens playing in my backyard

Two of the neighborhood strays have litters of kittens. When I went out to the car this morning, both Momma cats scurried from under the car and hung very close by watching me. “But where are the kittens?” I thought. Now, the car is an FJ Cruiser with a sizeable engine compartment. I looked at the FJ. I looked at the Momma cats. I looked at the FJ again and popped the hood.


There were eight kittens hiding under the hood. Kittens went flying everywhere, unfortunately including hiding in places inside the engine compartment. I managed to grab one and return it to Momma. Another I managed to poke until it left. But that still left two huddled where I couldn’t reach them. Which was when the guy next door came over to see what I was doing. He recommended using the hose. I felt evil squirting kittens with water, but it did the trick. I suspect I’ll be performing a morning ritual of kitten check and hose squirting until these are grown.

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  • Thank goodness you checked! Bless their hearts.


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