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Leading a ghost hunt

RIP Hunters getting ready for an investigation

I belong to a ghost hunting group, RIP Hunters, and Saturday night was one of our Meetup investigations. The Meetups are open to the public and generally held in historic locations around Central Florida. Saturday night we were investigating the Putnam Hotel, which dates back to the 1920s. The hotel is currently closed so we had the whole place to ourselves, including the attic and strange tower room that basically houses the elevator equipment.  It was also my first night leading a team as a full investigator for the group.

Now, leading guests on a ghost investigation is challenging because there is no guarantee that you’ll find any ghosts. I only had two guests with me this night, though Anna and I had about twenty when we did the Sanford Ghost Walk. So, I gathered my equipment and led the guests off to go find some ghosts.

Mostly, we didn’t. We had some flashlight responses on the sixth floor attic and a bit of chatter from the ghost radar up there. We actually had some words that seemed to make sense as part of a consistent conversation.  Child, learn, experience, school as one group. And road and traffic.  It was our most active spot that night. In fact, we came down from the seventh floor space a little early and joined the group behind ours on the sixth floor and their activity went up then.  Perhaps the ghost likes me.

But now that I’ve made my debut, I’ll probably be leading more groups in the future. So, if you’re in the Central Florida area and want to join me on a ghost hunt, check out the RIP Hunters on

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